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Who We Are

Eat Right Meal Prep provides fresh and convenient yet affordable restaurant quality prepared meals. Meals are prepared by Salute Restaurant no less!  Our weekly meal plan is perfectly portioned to help clients either lose weight or maintain their healthy weight.

Meals are prepared each week in Salute which is our fully licensed, certified, and insured facility with an A+ health rating.  The local pickup location is at Bayou View Fitness located at 1116 Cowan Rd. Gulfport, MS.  You can also order our food on the Waitr App and have it delivered to your home.

Our Services

We offer weekly prepared meals that reduce your caloric intake for weight loss.  Plans to choose from are either 15 meals per week or 10 meals per week.  Each meal has 400 or less calories.  Low sugars, low carbs and high protein is what you get and what your body needs.

Fast and Easy

No more trying to figure out what to eat while you’re at work that’s healthy.  No more having to cook after a hard days work.  No more endless grocery shopping and reading labels.  Eat Right Meal Prep makes your life easy and your waist trim.  You’ll also cut down on your food costs by not wastefully cooking more than you need or having to eat leftovers.  We are the only restaurant made quality fresh food meal prep service in Mississippi.


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